Our Story

4G’s. Everyone asks what the name stands for. George Gionis Golden Greek. It doesn’t mean much to most, but to some it means family. But to understand our story, you need a little history. George had co-owned Golden Greek Restaurant since 1983. Richard Burke had been the kitchen manager and head chef for all those years. His desire was to move somewhere smaller, have a mom and pop’s shop that he could work in until retirement. In March of 1997, George helped his dream become a reality. Richard became partner and started what would become one of the longest running local family restaurants in Killingly.

We still consider it to be a mom and pop’s shop and try to keep it simple. Good, quality food at reasonable prices. Somewhere you can meet with old friends and bring your family, feel comfortable and not break the bank. We have an expansive menu that can serve any palate. Even though Richard has retired, George carries on the family business. On any given day you could be greeted by or waited on by George’s daughters or granddaughters who take pride in his business and continue the tradition of Family. We truly believe food tastes better when you eat it with family, and when you eat at 4G’s you ARE with family.

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 305 Hartford Pike

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